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You might be wondering that there's no problems in our group so why read this? There's a few problems about groups in MESSENGER here are the problems im gonna list.

1.)Seen. Most People do that all day and doesn't even respond back.

2.)Innapropriate content and Bad Language that aren't recommended for under age 13. People sends something 18+ pictures or words.

3.)Fighting. Once a person calls someone that is unpleasing to others there's going to be a fight.

4.)Spammers. Massive messages getting spammed and its hard to backread if there's something important you want to see

5.)Annoyed gamers. Sometimes when someone is having a conversation in the group, one person shows up and tell them to shut up because they're playing something that needs concentration

6.)The sentimental people. When you leave the group because you didn't like it but they joined you back even if you dont want them to join you back

Thats all for the problems for group in messengers

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